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Why I became a Financial Advisor aka Thank you, Dr. Nye

Like many young people, I entered my college years filled with great enthusiasm, but lacked a specific direction. Initially drawn to the business world by my Dad (a manager in the Aerospace industry), I tried my hand at office jobs, banking and bookkeeping – all of which held some interest, but not enough to inspire a career. Honestly, my passion was surfing (still is)! Fortunately, I had enough common sense to realize surfing was not going to put food on the table, and decided to major in Financial Services at San Diego State University.

My AH-HA! moment occurred in an investment class with Dr. Nye (the best professor I’ve ever had). He challenged me to develop research strategies and analyze stock in an age before the internet was readily accessible. We’d discuss the pros and cons of my findings after class. He was truly a student’s teacher – always there to encourage and challenge me. It was then that I realized how similar investing was to surfing, and I never looked back. Both have rewards and risk – When the waves are big, the reward of catching one can be the ride of a lifetime; So too, a sound investment strategy can result tremendous monetary reward. At the same time, if your timing is off or you misread a wave you can have a serious wipeout – likewise for investing…losing money is never fun.

For many people, finding strategies that work can be mentally overwhelming and each stock trade a learning experience (sometimes hard). Concerns such as “Did I read the trend correctly,” “Were the fundamentals strong,” “Was the stock in a leading sector, “etc. can lead to psychological barriers and if not handled well, result in failure. Tides, wind and swell direction all impact every beach differently, making it critical to learn how these dynamics affect catching the best wave. Likewise, expertise in ever-changing financial markets is crucial for a successful financial plan.

I’m truly a people person – I love to talk with and get to know everyone who crosses my path. What’s more, it gives me great joy to help them achieve success. Since those college days, I still have a passion for surfing, but my greatest passion is partnering with people to realize their financial goals. I have 30 years of experience helping hundreds of clients catch a smooth ride to retirement. If you find yourself being tossed around in a sea of financial uncertainty, or are out there alone and adrift, perhaps you could use a Financial Lifeguard! Whether you’ve never worked with an advisor before, or simply want a second opinion, don’t hesitate to contact me for a Complimentary Financial Review today